Shinigurai (shinigurai) wrote in powernine_msu,


I was looking at decks and I came across this one that was made around Sol'kanar the Swamp King. The deck description reads, "As the Swamp King, Sol'Kanar needs, well, swamps. He also needs a throne, a scepter, and a crown. So there ya go!"

To me, that's just hilarious. I mean look at the deck list. I remember playing joke decks like that. What happened to those good old days when we used to take magic lightly? I hate escalation. Speaking of which, we really need to get a private group going, guys. ...or get Jerry to let me play in his. But in all seriousiness, don't you guys miss actually playing Magic for fun? You know we can change the sitution. Let's do something about the way we play. Come on!
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