I Was Rambo in the Disco (trendytoothemax) wrote in powernine_msu,
I Was Rambo in the Disco


i just stumbled onto this community. it seems kinda neat. ive been a casual player for awhile now but im always looking for new people to play with. i have a few lame type two decks (glimpse, golgari, ghazi glaze, and really bad boros) and a ton of fun not necasarrily legal decks (kitties, goblins a couple elf and many more). well anyways just thought id say hi and if anyone is looking for anything in rav i have more than a playset of just about anycard outside of char(see shock lands). so yah umm hoowdy.

also i play music in a band called the casionauts(www.myspace.com/thecasionauts).
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Awesome sauce.